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Fresh Japanese hairstyle

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With a fresh Japanese hair style, it will always bring more comfort to the girls. The Japanese hair style is full of air, fresh and smart, in this cool and clean autumn. Here, come on a fresh, windy Japanese hairstyle to feel the gentlest time!

A Japanese mid-length hair style with a very strong air feel, a slightly curled hairtail with a sweet face, and a stylish eyebrow bangs, adding more to this simple Japanese hairstyle. The fashion charm is more fresh and sweet.

This one-piece short-necked hair is also very fresh and sweet, with a slightly out-of-warm hair extension, with a little touch of beauty, that is a very normal eyebrow bangs clean and fresh, simple, inadvertently for girls Bring the sweetness of that one.

This Japanese short hair style, the distance between the faces is also very fresh and moving, the hair ends slightly curled, the short hair all goes to the ear, feeling the girl's own unique charm, slightly messy air Liu Hai is also very moving!

Supple a long hair style, with a neat Qi Liu, girls with a bright smile, bring you more romantic atmosphere, supple black long hair is so simple and natural, showing the most A beautiful fresh atmosphere.

The sun shone on the short hair with the dazzling light of the one, the fluffy face with short hair, the hair tail slightly tilted out, gave the girls a smile experience, the neat Qi Liu just covered the eyebrows, clean and fresh More beautiful and moving!

A fresh and beautiful short hair style, it is very suitable for girls with less hair. The fresh and sweet is the best charm, giving you full of charming temperament.

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